Exercising in a group is a great way to get motivated to keep fit with like-minded people. Our instructors offer a range of classes which include high intensity, strength and conditioning, toning and flexibility in order to keep your routine interesting.

Health and fitness classes

Classes on Offer

Ab Blast
Class designed to focus on the abdominals in an aerobic delivery style.

Aqua Fit
Aqua fitness is an all-round workout with little to no impact on your joints, perfect for burning fat, increasing your core strength and toning up. This is an ideal workout for anyone with joint replacements or suffering with oedema.

Body Conditioning
This class is designed to provide whole body workouts which focus on the strength, endurance and aerobic exercise of all major muscle groups.

Core Stability
This class is designed to focus solely on the muscles of the torso, with exercises to improve strength, condition, co-ordination and balance.

Exercise to Music
Class designed to improve co-ordination and aerobic capacity in a vigorous environment to the rhythm of music.

Class designed to help improve flexibility and overall range of movement.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. This is an all body workout aiming at fat burning, toning up and core strength.

Kettlebells are a specialised piece of equipment designed to mix weight training and cardio together, primarily working your legs, bum and lower back muscles.

Legs Bums & Tums
Class designed to target major muscle groups in the legs, gluts and abdominals.

Outdoor Bootcamp
Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this class is designed to push you to your individual limit using specialised equipment and workouts which will help everyone to reach their goals.

This is a high intensity exercise class which uses stationary bikes and focuses on endurance, strength, intervals and speed.

Waterside has a purposely built yoga studio located next to the gym.